• Your drawing is so wonderful!!
    I am from Mexico, and makes me really happy you like the day of the dead too. Beautiful day to celebrate.

    <3 <3

    • マ子, Thank you for comment!
      I love Mexican culture. I love the beautiful colors and spirit.
      “Day of the Dead” festival is marvelous. <3

  • Mmaassaa5

    凄いです 知り合いの彫師さんもこういったアートしておられます

    • THX! ありがとうございます♡
      ゆかまんも刺青をモチーフにすることがありますが、現職のTATTOO ARTISTさんに顔向けならないモノを描かぬよう、尊敬の気持ちを忘れず精進したいです!

  • Mmaassaa5

    I really love this painting. I’ll put the pictures are also woven pixv? You wished you good inspiration. Thanxx.